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Month: April 2006

  • The Burn Blog

    hey! i have an ideeeeaaaaaaaa!!! i was rummaging through my archives awhile ago, i was trying to evaluate how evil this blog has been over the ages. i am surprised on how much hatred this blog contains. every now and then i find myself hating someone and end up blind-item(ing) him/her in this blog. i…

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  • splash!

    this trip has been postponed for 3 weeks already, i’m just glad we pushed through yesterday. can’t believe my tears worked. mehn, i love it there. the hotel room isn’t as glamorous as i thought it would be but the pool’s great. there’s something funny with the bed though… we were trying to pull the…

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  • therapy!

    we went to the ortho yesterday for a follow-up check-up regarding the results of my MRI test. he recommends therapy so we’re going back to the hospital today for the scheduling. during the consulting, he explained a lot of things to me like where is the lateral meniscus, what is intrasubstance degenaration, and what exactly…

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  • prince

    i’m in love with prince! the prince brand i mean, prince tennis racquets, prince caps, prince duffel bags … neither of which i own.now i envy my sister, today is the first day of her milo tennis clinic. and wait… they have new rackets! PRINCE RAQUETS! what the hell? why don’t i get to have…

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  • professional help needed – if unavailable – a fairy godmother will do

    mehn! i’ve wasted a lot of my internet time downloading programs that will help me with my video converting problems… grrluckily i found one that works just well but it converts only the first 30 seconds and my files are what? 5 mins. long! pangeeeettttt yay! terai will buy me new earphones! about this day,nothing…

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  • occupation: labandera

    i want to do a lot of things today! the insanity bell rings only when i’m idle and i can’t bear to be insane for the whole summer.you see, right now my college life is a big blur. first of all, i don’t know which university to go to. it’s not because i have a…

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