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  • I feel so lazy

    Some happy things recently ✱ I bought a new mouse, since my current one’s scroll wheel has gone bonkers no amount of blowing off dust would fix. Happy to find something below 200 that works just as well as my 500 pesos Logitech mouse. ✱ I bought a new silicone strap for my smart watch.…

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  • Baguio 2024! All the pet-friendly places we went to + how much we spent for 5 days!

    Two weeks ago we went to Baguio for a quick getaway (5 nights, I knowww, bitin! haha) and man did we miss it! Especially that Manila heat is proving to be unbearable for weeks now! Since we got Koomi we haven’t been able to go on staycations as much because it’s more expensive to bring…

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  • Oh I don’t know

    My eyes are literally struggling to open, It’s almost 9am, I’m out of sleep and about to embark on a whole day ISO training my manager signed me up for. It’s 33°C this morning and while I have the fan on full blast the air is still so hot. Urgh. I already had my coffee…

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  • Hey Monday

    Hey Monday

    Oh I get nervous a lot for various reasons. But there’s one thing that always gets me nervous and that’s answering calls from grab food lol. I never want to take calls from them because I’m afraid they’ll tell me they can’t meet in the lobby or that they’ve been waiting for too long. Most…

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  • Happy Friday

    It’s been a crazy week but glad it’s coming to a close. ✱ My IF pattern isn’t working for me. And I guess I know the reason why. I’m not entering a calorie deficit despite eating only during the 8-hour window because I EAT A LOT. Of course. Goddammit. So I figured, it doesn’t matter…

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  • Worse

    So I started the other post saying my husband and my dog is sick. Next thing I know I’m driving them both to the hospital after excusing myself from work. Koomi has some sort of infection. After a CBC and X-ray he was prescribed an antibiotic, antacid, and something to protect his stomach. He was…

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