A very personal blog


this trip has been postponed for 3 weeks already, i’m just glad we pushed through yesterday. can’t believe my tears worked.

mehn, i love it there. the hotel room isn’t as glamorous as i thought it would be but the pool’s great.

there’s something funny with the bed though… we were trying to pull the beds together so that we’ll all have a nice view of the tv. when we were done, i was like “wait, we left the headboard!” apparently the beds are detached to the headboards so i was watching with my back leaned on the cold hard wall and my headboard is just as indifferent as the rest of them in the other rooms.

we went home with big satisfied smiles on our faces, that is until we all got nauseated with the smell of mom’s cologne. i puked a lot, that was a total of 3 bathrooms trips in three different gas stations. oh, i suggest you not to use the bench paradise cologne… it stinks big time.

hey, i’ll be having my first therapy session this tuesday at 10am. can’t say i’m excited… you see the first time i saw the rehab station i felt like a hundred years old already! there’re a lot of grannies throwing big aero balls to their therapists and i couldn’t imagine myself like that. oh, during that time too most of the nurses there are laughing at the cries of a 12 yr old boy being circumsized. mehn, how GAAAY is that?