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we went to the ortho yesterday for a follow-up check-up regarding the results of my MRI test. he recommends therapy so we’re going back to the hospital today for the scheduling.

during the consulting, he explained a lot of things to me like where is the lateral meniscus, what is intrasubstance degenaration, and what exactly happened to my good ol’ knee.

he says that the meniscus is the space beetween the joints of my knee and in my case, the lateral meniscus is torn. that’s why it hurts. everytime it hurts, it produces water thus swelling my joint.

he also adds that there is a part of the meniscus that heals itself, and there’s also a part that doesn’t heal. right now we do not know yet if the damaged part of my knee can heal itself or not. that’s why he advices therapy, if it heals then i’m going to have another MRI test to confirm my recovery. but it if it doesn’t heal, he’s going to look into it through some some sort of device (i forgot) and well… recommend surgery.

aw mehn. = i do hope it heals with therapy!!!

and i know therapy alone will do the job!!!!!!