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The Burn Blog

hey! i have an ideeeeaaaaaaaa!!!

i was rummaging through my archives awhile ago, i was trying to evaluate how evil this blog has been over the ages. i am surprised on how much hatred this blog contains. every now and then i find myself hating someone and end up blind-item(ing) him/her in this blog.

i am considering making another blog and i’ll name it the ‘Burn Blog’ – based on Mean Girls’ burn book. how evil is that? but anyway, the chances are high that i’m not going to push through with it, i might have a horn sticking out of my head but there’s a halo hanging onto it. if i happened to inspire the inner devil in you, go ahead i’m giving you all the rights to that too-good-to-be-bad idea. it would be my pleasure to conceptualize the whole thing for you.