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professional help needed – if unavailable – a fairy godmother will do

mehn! i’ve wasted a lot of my internet time downloading programs that will help me with my video converting problems… grr
luckily i found one that works just well but it converts only the first 30 seconds and my files are what? 5 mins. long! pangeeeettttt

yay! terai will buy me new earphones!

about this day,
nothing quite memorable happened aside from my misadventures with trying a couple of producer programs that will make all my files handheld compatible… if you know what i mean.
i’m dying to get the perfect program! but they’re not free, sad to say. i have to shell out a minimum of 20 dollars for that thing. oh well, that only means i have to leave it there and get sore listening to the songs in my handheld.

er, just to let you know my problem. i want to transfer my video files from the the computer to the handheld so that not only i have an mp3 player but a video one as well. that beats the crap out of an ipod video which costs almost 20K you know.

and there you go.

this time i temporarily give up for i might consume the remaining gigabyte left on our hard disk. i shall wait for the new computer. (yep! we’ll be having a new computer! hurraaayy)

by the way, i’m using a new (2nd hand) monitor since the last one, with the freaky static effect, broke and we might spend more than the price of a 2nd hand monitor for the labor so we decided to just get a new one.

whew, i hope things are going to be smooth tomorrow. i don’t want to disappoint myself with last minute decisions.