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Month: April 2006

  • geek in the pink – jazon mraz

    wuhoo, it’s saturday! nothing great actually…this morning i went to the rehab center again (yes, i’m drugs!) – that’s how they call the theraphy place in the hospital, don’t get me wrong please. i actually hate this day’s session because i have my period and my lower abdomen (???) hurts… like hell, and i have… Continue reading

  • cookies and cream overload

    major ice cream indulgence! i’m having my 2nd cup right now. haaay, such bliss enters my mouth as a chunk of this frozen delight melts in my tongue. no words can explain how ice cream quenches my craves. mehn, this is too good to be true. on the other side, you cannot blame me if… Continue reading

  • poor little buffy ran away, better to forever roam the streets that stay with me to play…

    just came here to rant about how lame pinoy big brother has become in just 3 seasons. there isn’t anything SPECIAL with the teen housemates. they don’t have something in them that will set them aside from the others. sure, the teenage mom caught most of our attention but it’s not a good enough thing… Continue reading

  • mehn.

    awhile ago was the first day of my therapy. nothing quite peculiar happened. the therapist assigned to me, ate shy, talks like ms. aureada… hehe. she first stuck 2 gel smeared pads (or whatever you call them) on the sides of my right knee and kind of electrecuted me for 20 minutes, it wasn’t that… Continue reading

  • lufeeeeeee

    i woke up 30 minutes past my favorite morning show meaning i just missed it! meehn, i was looking forward to watching lufee (one piece) panaman… tsk. this afternoon, i went to fcm to chill. then it came to me that i don’t have enough money left for the tricycle fare so i just walked.… Continue reading

  • CK

    plug —-> sundays 3pm on qtv: lois and clark: the new adventures of superman hehe, what can i say, superman is so hot, i mean dean cain who is also the host of ripley’s believe it or not. you can still catch the episodes anyway it just started last week. i’m becoming a major sasunaru… Continue reading