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  • school time

    hey… i’ve been going to school just yesterday.. and that just meant… less internet activities for me… so let’s drop off those meaningless searches and proceed on studying hard for this school year. I’m now a junior highschool and i’d like to increase my grades this time… i’m dreaming of becoming a merit awardee someday…… Continue reading

  • *sigh* tiring but worth it… at least we ate at a restaurant after fetching my mom from the airport… she went to Davao three days ago.. it was cool.. they said… ^^; eat all you can buffet, boat ride, and the most alluring natury [is there a word?] scene… they were on an island.. for… Continue reading

  • you might think i’m overly obsesed with Harry Potter right now. that’s right! and i’m making a fanfic out of i said before… ideas come and go.. better make a masterpiece out of it before it leaves. ^^; LoL… oh.. in on my Links there in the nav bar.. you can see the ‘mugglenet’… Continue reading

  • harry potter mania II

    hey.. i’m now dropping off the template search.. and i’m on for a new search of harry potter FREE sheet music.. or preferebly piano scores.. specifically… Hedwig’s theme of Harry’s wondrous world… if you got any.. please… direct link me to that specific website.. no pdf downloads please… annd.. if you can do me a… Continue reading

  • template search

    i’m looking for blog templates as of now.. and don’t be surprised if i occasionally change layouts… ^^; i watched Love Letter awhile ago… and the man of my dream is there… adrian… yah.. literally speaking.. he’s the man in my dream.. not the ‘man of my dreams’ ah bsta ganun… and oh.. i can’t… Continue reading

  • harry potter 3 mania!

    i just looveee daniel radcliffe or.. just harry potter itself! just like anyone else i suppose… but hey.. i don’t hate hermione (or emma watson if u wish) at all… people hate her because of that bloody kind of gut she has in the movies… well.. proves that you can’t take someone a whole lot… Continue reading