The Blahger

A very personal blog


awhile ago at skul… i saw my ‘old’ crush… don’t bother asking… -_-. she was standing right outside the window.. beside my chair. of course i’m sitting there… i’m far away copying notes from another seat. after copying, i went to my place and contained myself from the outburst of excitement… -.-

i went out to return my books to the locker, i passed by our neighbor classroom and tried to look for karla there… but unfortunately she’s gone. the next thing i resorted on doing was to tell michi how happy i am that i saw her again. and i did. -_-. needless to say… she was just behind me… -_-, i dunno if she heard everything. just try to understand how i feel. LoL

hehehe… oh well. looks like i’m luckiest spotter on earth…


dismissal time. i waited for hours for my fetch to arrive, but since GOD really wants to punish me for not being so ‘straight’, i wasn’t home yet until 6:30. -_-

then, ate theresa fetched me, we’re going to commute and we don’t have enough money left so we walked from skul to mapayapa 1. luckily, we spotted an empty tricycle and managed to go to short stop before having our toes swollen.


haaayy… nakauwi rin.