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another series-slash-day of my life

my new layout keeps me posting several times a day. and i’m left with nothing to say…

awhile ago i answered some quizzes, but i deleted it coz some problem occured.. argh.

tomorrow is friday, i hope classes will still be suspended.

my sister is getting furious about learning a piano piece which was long ago rejected by her. i dunno what’s up but she suddenly got the urge to read my notes. weird. she’s getting a little too classic. tsk… better keep an eye on her.

an addition to my favorite movies: ‘The Net’ starring Sandra Bullock. did it ever occur to your mind why sandra always play the role of an agent? an FBI agent, undercover agent, police agent… im quite confused.. but, i still think there’s a reason behind all those.

The Net is about a lady named Angela Bennett who encountered a major disaster on the internet. Her profile has been changed to some wanted criminal. And now she’s struggling to bring back her true identity. All of that, because of this really important file that fell in her hands. The villain tries to claim it but… nah.. he won’t get it anyway…

why i liked it? oh..it gave me a warning not to use the internet often coz some really good hacker might change my profile and turn me into some Ruth Marx, a narcotic drug pusher, has a tolerance for violence and is particularly insane about everything. Then cops will chase me, put a million US$ on my head and i’ll be attracting every bounty-hunter in the world!

the program ‘Mozart’s Ghost’? i find it cool. the pi symbol at the bottom of the program is way cooler! when you click it, you’ll be visualizing rapid changes of pages, matrix effect and flash codes… cool.

i watched in on HBO, try to catch it there. It may change your life… specifically internet junkies.