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  • hello me!!! of course.. cno pa bng babatiin ko!!! heheh… melodia {my net ego): oi arianne.. how’re you feeling? fine? make sure you do.. coz i have a great news for you! and i’m sure you won’t want to miss this too! you know harry potter 2? oh yeah of course that’s not soo new…… Continue reading

  • urrghhh…

    haayy… tiring day it is.. i’ve been telling that for a couple of posts right? eh tiring naman tlga eh.. and i’m really happy still.. coz i’m reading harry potter 4 -goblet of fire… at the same time i’m feeling a lil sad.. haha 3 wks 16 chappies… eh.. sensha na. i read only small… Continue reading

  • all worn out

    whew.. what a tiring day! -.-..this week.. as expected more tasks are to be done.. i’m not even halfway!!! grrr… super daming assignments!! and as i said before.. my only inspiration is Harry Potter!! why did i suddenly became addicted to it? when last year i’m so clueless of that sci fi thing? was it?… Continue reading

  • panic time

    LoL… i not being responsible with my schoolworks… first off.. i forgot to put my geom assignment in a bond paper where it was supposed to be… second… i was way to busy to remember that today is the deadline of the advanced assignment our social studies teacher gave us… i’m soo disappointed with myself!… Continue reading

  • project insanity

    not a minute from now i’m going insane on researching about different asian tribes.. the one that you can consider to stand out from other tribes and the one that is still living.. up to now. can you help me? not only that.. this really annoying computer assignment makes me check for other search engines… Continue reading

  • hectic

    soo hectic.. can’t figure out which task i’ll do first.. the advance hworks? projects? reportings and presentations? nkkinisss!! ang daming dapat gawin!! oh well.. i hope makapagsurvive ako… oh yeah.. there is one person i hate in our class… i won’t mention her name… she never had any direct offense on me.. pero.. grr.. tlga..… Continue reading