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got a new phone! =)

so.. here’s what happened.

sunday: (events after my last post) my mom and dad went malling (who said this thing has nothin to do with adults?). nagpa-facial c mommy.. hehe tapos nagtampo pa kasi di naman na pansin ung changes sa muka nya.. e hello lng naman no.. makinis na yung face nya tps ngaun kumintab pa… ^^; anyway… edi yn.. she bought my dad new sports shoes and got his phone g-planned…shempre my free phone and they picked the motorolla E398 w/c has a camera! yey! at last.. nakahwak din ako ng mejo modern kind of stuff.. lam nyo nman d2 sa haus…napag iwanan na.. seasons before i often call our family ‘the family 51’ coz all our phones are 5110! LoL

monday: now here’s the exhausting part. this was our linggo ng wika celeration day.. hmm..turned out fun naman… yun nga lang… there were classes on the first two period and we ad a quiz on ap! that sucks.. but i passed.. thank GOD. so there we were.. sitting on them onoblock chairs waiting for the program to finish. at first it was really exciting but then it turned out boring when we were witnessing presentations which i consider not so creatively-planned. but they won anyway.. what can i do? … so un.. afternoon.. all we did was play games.. i was part of the dodge ball thing… and that made my lungs almost explode! grabe kaya…-_- takbo di takbo doon… LoL.. this must be the feeling of being in a stampede! pero proud ako dahil tumagal naman ako kahit pano.. and patam won! hehe.. so un na un… ^^;;

till next tym…