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layout editing mania…

saturday: (events after my previous post)i searched for tony pics, (to be used in my on-going project, my tony layout.. hehe) and managed to find customizeable layouts in blogskins (i tell you, it’s a great syt!). then went to the rooftop, stargazing… but unfortunately, the stars didn’t brighten up my night coz they look so few and so weather stricken. so.. i decided just to draw, but i got lazy so i just watch as my sister desperately paints a farm landscape w/ the size of 6 manila papers! -_- but anyway, she can do it, i believe in her.

sunday: mom wakes us up at 6, we dressed, then zoomed off to church, got there at quarter to 7 (i know, we’re always late), finished the service at 8, bought pugon baked pandesal at ‘pan de pugon’, went to ate banding for my mom’s weekly nail maintenance (cleaning, polishing etc…)then, at long last…. went home. lunch. internet… hmm.. so there it is.