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  • [Review] Amazfit GTS 4 Mini Smart watch

    [Review] Amazfit GTS 4 Mini Smart watch

    Here’s a review of the Amazfit GTS 4 Mini smartwatch which I recently got myself! By the way, a video version is uploaded on YouTube… and this blog is basically a transcript of it 😉. Enjoy! Price and availability First things first – the price and where I bought it. I’m based in the Philippines… Continue reading

  • Smart Strategies For Starting A Fitness Business

    Starting a fitness enterprise can be incredibly rewarding. Indeed, you can enjoy assisting people in reaching their exercise objectives and living a better lifestyle. Research shows that the industry is projected to grow by 171% by 2028. The numbers make it compelling to consider starting a fitness center, whether full-time or as a part-time gig. Are you a… Continue reading

  • Is Food Medicine?

    Nutrition science is an incredibly young discipline. The idea that we could tackle some of our most dangerous modern diseases, like heart disease, stroke, and cancer, only really began to gain traction in the 1970s, and even then, people didn’t take the idea particularly seriously. Sure, eating right was good for overall health, but it… Continue reading

  • 5 Ways To Lose Weight Fast Before Levelling Out At A Healthy Weight

    Photo from Pixabay The harsh reality of life is that there is no magic cheat to gain the perfect body forever. If you truly wish to maintain your look and health, it’ll be necessary to adopt a sustainable strategy. Nonetheless, failure to see positive results in the first few weeks of a health kick can… Continue reading

  • Fitbit Alta HR announced!

    Info and photo from Fitbit website Finaaaally, Fitbit is releasing the much anticipated HR version of the Alta! So what’s new? Well it has a heart rate monitor now (duh), an improved sleep tracker, and a buckle strap. Yey! And it costs $20 more than the debut price of Fitbit Alta. Fair enough? Right now… Continue reading

  • My 5 Dream Fitness Equipment

    You know how lazy I am when it comes to working out. I’m that fitness enthusiast who isn’t fit at all. I’ve tried a lot things, gyms, bootcamp, zumba, yoga. I’ve hoarded a lot of exercise videos, from Just Dance to just about everything Les Mills offered, and still here I am, overweight and in… Continue reading