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My 5 Dream Fitness Equipment

You know how lazy I am when it comes to working out. I’m that fitness enthusiast who isn’t fit at all. I’ve tried a lot things, gyms, bootcamp, zumba, yoga. I’ve hoarded a lot of exercise videos, from Just Dance to just about everything Les Mills offered, and still here I am, overweight and in need of constant goading.

It doesn’t help that we have an entire floor in our house filled with gym equipment. We have a manual treadmill, 2 stationary bikes, an exercise ball, an ab rocket, a couple of other ab contraption thingies, an ab belt, weights, a Ceragem bed massager, a chair massager, a foot massager, oh boy, that crazy fit vibrating plates, etc. Now that I think of it, we have a lot! So what gives? Why am I not going upstairs sweating my life away?

Because I’m too lazy and the things we have, they’re all outdated. Our equipment are super old and while they’re all still functioning, it doesn’t motivate me enough.

If I had unlimited funds for a fitness station upgrade, I’d get the following:

1. Motorized Treadmill

I was once so excited about training for a marathon that I actually looked into updating our manual treadmill into an automatic one complete with an LCD screen and all those other fancy buttons so I could practice at home. But lo and behold, my preferred one from Life Fitness cost over ₱100,000 lol

2. Pull up bar

This isn’t such a big investment but it baffles me where in the house I could put one. I want to get something like this


but I’m not sure where I can hang the damn thing without breaking away a doorway’s structure lol

3. Trampoline

Oh boy, I’ve never tried a trampoline before, not even in an enclosed one filled with balls where kids love to play. The tramp is pretty simple, all you have to do is jump to your heart’s content. But there’s something so exciting about being propelled upwards and mastering a graceful fall that makes me want to get one!

But then I wouldn’t know where to put it, the only open space we have large enough for a trampoline is on our roof deck but I sure didn’t want to risk falling 10m down a patch of weed.

Nonetheless here’s a great info guide from Trampolinea for you in case you want to get one!

4. Punching Bag


Aha! On the same ground with a pull up bar, my preferred one is a hanging one but again, I don’t know where to put it and how to install one. I asked my dad once about it but there’s really no way to hang it on the rooftop because the ceiling there is too high. Hay.

Still, if only to get one, I can settle with a standing one like this


5. Sauna Room

Oh not those portable things with my head sticking out like this


We already have that and it looks awkward, funny, and I get lazy just thinking about setting it up haha. How did she even reach the magazine? Anyway. Instead, I want something like this!


Super cool, feels like a real sauna, and of course it’s over a hundred thousand bucks lol. This is one of those lazy equipment I’d like to have cos I literally just have to sit inside and sweat away.


So I guess that’s it! While I’ll keep on dreaming for my own sauna room, trampoline, and a high-end motorized treadmill, I guess I could manage to get a standing punching bag!

How about you? What’s your dream home fitness equipment? 😀