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Fitbit Alta HR announced!

Fitbit Alta HR New Features
Info and photo from Fitbit website
Finaaaally, Fitbit is releasing the much anticipated HR version of the Alta! So what’s new? Well it has a heart rate monitor now (duh), an improved sleep tracker, and a buckle strap. Yey! And it costs $20 more than the debut price of Fitbit Alta. Fair enough?

Right now it’s available for pre-order at $149.95. Expect it to be released around April in the US and Australia. It will be out on March 26 in the UK though. 🙂

I’m actually very happy about this and I think I’ll get this version when my Alta retires && my wallet agrees. So far, it’s done all the upgrades I wanted for the Alta, which is really just an HR monitor haha and a better strap. So plus points for changing the bands to a buckle strap yey! Curious about the improved sleep analysis though. Really, it can track the REM stage? Ooooh. But I figured, with a heart rate monitor, sleep tracking could be made more accurate so… argh I want to test this feature out!

Oh wait, I hope they improved the charging cable. Can’t be sure but looks like they didn’t hehe. The original one has a clamp that’s quite a hassle to put on. The clips on mine have actually snapped off already and is only being held by rubberbands haha. Looking forward to a wireless charging option in the future, or just a better charger design.

GPS? Nope it doesn’t have one but since the Alta is geared towards the less hardcore fitness enthusiasts, dude this one’s already too frkn feature packed (says someone who thought the Alta is enough)! 😀

For more details, read here: Fitbit Alta HR

Fitbit Alta unboxing and review
Setting up Fitbit Alta for the first time