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Month: March 2011

  • mango float!

    for future reference cos i keep on forgetting the proportions! >:D a tray is usually equal to *properly chilled(2 packs of nestle all purpose cream + 1 can of daisy condensed milk) + 1 pack of graham crackers. * – freezer for an hour! >:Dotherwise, uhm… plus 1 cream plus 0.5 condensed. okokokokokokokoknoted!

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  • bloody crap

    do you know how hard it is for me to write an article? first of all, it’s not like blogging where i can spontaneously dump ideas and not give a crap. i have to research, sit down for hours, get a point and mind map. i also can’t write without a dictionary software and internet.…

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  • this is getting frustrating

    so i was doing my rounds at the lab and i came into a bit (kindof but not really haha) of realization…. that the most important thing i learned from resigning from the library is to NEVER BRING YOUR PROBLEMS TO PEOPLE YOU KNOW COULD NOT HELP. if you have a problem and you want…

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  • too much bullshit

    to what lengths do you have to tell people how terribly you hate someone? does it have to reach 10 people? 20? the whole world? where is the sensitivity? where is the hope for reconciliation? when everyday you involve people who aren’t supposed to know in the first place? you don’t do that to friends.…

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  • Breakfast @ Spiral

    complimentary breakfast for two at Spiral Restaurant, Sofitel last Saturday. shared this eat all you can buffet with terai HAHA because mommy and daddy are on a “healthy” diet. bwahaha i traded my morning class for this but it’s all worth it. the food mehn! >:D thank you mommy for bringing us here again, and…

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  • noightmeyer

    terai was reading her horoscope and it was bad. she was in her room, and i was there doing some ironing. she looked desperate and frustrated and was in the verge of violently throwing things out of anger. then she calls out to the freakin newspaper… something like “what do i have to do to…

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