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Month: March 2011

  • hardly a challenge, from tumblr

    30-day April meme! ok i’ll start tomorrow. i know i’d risk being redundant here cos the answers are scattered somewhere in this blog and my previous blog but yeaaahh, let’s do this for fun! and for being redundant ok hehe

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  • absolutely no point

    i miss the times when i can just run to anyone and talk about anything that bothers me. i miss the times when i could freely chat with anyone who’s waiting for a class, like a good friend . i miss the times when i was still so open about anything. i miss the trust…

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  • pride parin talaga e

    people are smart. if they’re down, they don’t need your advice. they know what to do. they just want your company. my problem is. i hate seeking advice from people who keep on saying “i told you so!” or other close variants like, “i’ve been telling that to you ever since and you never listened”…

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  • piolo in my dreams

    dream segments entry again cos i keep on snoozing the alarm clock! I.// movie night out at trinoma with UP AChES brods and sisses but i only saw the brods, specifically kuya jhomar and kuya omeng.// walking along trinona i saw tsia (from hs). tapos kuya jhomar was calling out to us to buy tickets…

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  • ganon talaga diba

    feeling mo meron pero wala. pero minsan feeling mo talaga meron! minsan meron talaga, pero minsan wala. haha anlabo. nakakalasing kasi yung jam legend. matapos ang 2 hours ng walang tigil na laro, feeling ko lahat ng bagay dahan dahang lumulutang seryoso. me kakaibang effect kasi yung dropping notes chka yung background nung webpage. may…

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  • jam legeeeeennnddd >XD

    it’s the perfect distraction, probably the devil’s advocate for making sure i do nothing productive at all. i’m jammin in the insane level and still honing ma skills so i can be legendareh in no time! bwahaha! i’m pretty caffeinated right now, plus i got around 4 hours of siesta awhile ago so i’m alive…

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