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Month: March 2011

  • The truth about CAPTCHA typing jobs (or just my usual paranoia)

    CAPTCHA typing jobs require you to log-in to a website using the details your employer gives you. then it’s just a matter of typing words that appear on an image, like what you do to verify you’re human when you comment here. you type words as much and as correctly as you can. then based…

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  • hey there spider!

    WWW.OMEGLE.COM LOL so on the three times i tried to open a conversation with a “hey there, spider!” every freaking stranger disconnects. as in, instantly. it breaks my heart. one even said, “i’ m not a spider”, then logged out. errr but there was one, just one who replied with a, “no, i’m a bug”and…

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  • dream within a dream?

    yess ang haba ng hair ko sa panaginip ko! >:))) inaway daw ni james si brian dahil sinaktan at pinaiyak ako. suntukan, sosyal! tas mejo pinapanuod ko lang sila tas pinipicturan habang umiiyak haha anlabo. tapos tapos nagvanity shot din ako tas nakita ko antanda ko na! with wrinkles and everything! kaloka! @_@ weird casting…

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  • panaginip

    i was in a beach wedding tas magkaka-tsunami daw. we were on the shore na e when the water started receding so i grabbed my bag dun sa table, along with stuff on it. naalala ko me dalawang bible dun eh, i grabbed both tas parang yun lang dapat dadalin ko pero kinuha ko parin…

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  • hindi ako si darna

    the entire world is convinced that the end of the world is near and that the earth is bound to be destroyed completely by fire. so the world leaders invested everything within monetary value to construct a space ship that will house all 6 billion (and more) people in the world and transport them to…

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  • the power of words

    last night i told my dad not to come to school this morning cos i wanna sleep more, and he agreed! so i put off my alarm clock and slept peacefully without worrying about the pesky snooze! e kaso when i woke up, daddy changed his mind eh i was so groggy and lazy so…

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