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The truth about CAPTCHA typing jobs (or just my usual paranoia)

CAPTCHA typing jobs require you to log-in to a website using the details your employer gives you. then it’s just a matter of typing words that appear on an image, like what you do to verify you’re human when you comment here. you type words as much and as correctly as you can. then based on the number of correct words you’ve delivered, the company pays you.

so, what’s it for?

all i know is that it’s actually part of a large illegal work. so basically when you get hired for this, you’re probably gonna work for an evil guy though that doesn’t necessarily mean he won’t pay you, cos of course scammers also need people to work for them.

besides working for a scammer, other things to be suspicious about this kind of job is that

1. job description is inaccurate
for example the job posting is entitled, “DATA ENTRY — type PDF to EXCEL”
but then the employer replies to your application with the real thing, that it’s a captcha typing job, gives you a quota, username and password and blaaaah

if it’s a legit job, why put misleading job postings?

2. the QUOTA. most of them captcha bosses will usually give you a 10,000 words quota before releasing your payment of around $10-50. 10,000 is a big number. even if you’re a ridiculously fast typer, you have to put up with

a. slow image loading. it loads one by one yknow, and their server could get really fucked up at times. i’m into 2 captcha jobs right now and they’re both damn slow.

b. excessive errors that could lead to your account being banned. which means, you’re not getting paid. they could even fake this for all you know.

with those in mind, try to compute how much you can type in a day. it’s too disheartening, you’ll end up waiting (for the images to load) more than you could type. and they’re asking for a minimum of 10k correct entries before you get paid? when will you ever get there, srsly? i’m not sure if they actually pay but based on the quota they set, it’s almost impossible for you to get paid. it’s like those pay-per-click websites that make you hope in vain.

and i think, the reason for this very large quota is that… they never really expect anyone to reach it. so when an employee drops out of the project, the company benefits because that person has accomplished a couple of words at least, and they didn’t have to shell out a single buck for it. so imagine if 100 workers drop out in a day, and these people have typed at least 100 words each? then the company gets 10,000 words typed for free when they could’ve paid $10 for it.

and the last reason why i find these job fishy…

3. preassigned username and password
before you start the typing job, your employer will give you a username and password for the website/program you’re gonna use. you don’t get to create it yourself. which i find weird because, at least your work has to be credited under your account. i still don’t understand this haha but err, it feels wrong.

so there, i’ve had it with MAKE EASY MONEY JOBS. they’re easy, but in the long run they’re never worth it.

argh. does this mean i’m stuck with writing forever? >: