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Breakfast @ Spiral

complimentary breakfast for two at Spiral Restaurant, Sofitel last Saturday. shared this eat all you can buffet with terai HAHA because mommy and daddy are on a “healthy” diet. bwahaha i traded my morning class for this but it’s all worth it. the food mehn! >:D
thank you mommy for bringing us here again, and for granting us compli breakfasts every year for like 10 years already hehe! i love you and congrats for being, finaaalleeeeh, a lifetime MDRT member! >XD you worked hard for it and you deserve it! yehey!
so what’s cool with this is that on top of the breakfast, we get a free hotel accommodation. that means free pool, sauna, jacuzzi, gym, (shampooconditionersabonshowergeltootbrushtootpastepencilstationerysewingkit), AND CABLED TV. bwahahaha
on the food. yak ang arte! rume-review! e kasi i remember 3 years ago, lumamon ako dito! pero ngayon parang hindi ko na trip lahat! dati kaya one plate per cuisine! e ilang stations yon, mga more than 5 hahahaha ngayon, uhm, lugi akoooo!!!! ang naenjoy ko lang ay etong platong ito chaka yung coco crunch. ewan ko ba! gutom naman ako! >:

platong ito
plate 1 of 4 ni terai
sooo ipinuslit ko na lang sina mommy ng isang platong mixed pastries HAHA i dunno if we’re allowed to bring food upstairs but based on their 360 degrees camerasss, i figured it would be an embarrassing thing to be caught doing it so we looked for a “well-positioned” table and bagged the entire plate of breadssss. i mean, ang squatter ba? but daddy brought me muffins before when he ate at Spiral! >:D feeling ko ok lang naman.