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Month: February 2006

  • the ultimate geek show

    how’s that huh? it’s a very brilliant plan it drives me crazy. we could conquer the world with ingenious calculators and never worry about anything mathematically. *insert hillarious geek laugh here* yeah, that’s practically how i’m going to live my life in this world, which is in my point of view, a giant calculator –…

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  • better together – jack johnson

    happy valentines folks! i have no date! yay! absolutely not expecting one. i’m content with recieving candies and greetings. =) today’s valentine season doesn’t seem that festive like the previous years. days ago i watched the loveapalooza on screen and when the countdown to one was done and everybody started kissing, my face turned into…

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  • take me somewhere else but here

    i want to go out somewhere, i just don’t know where and who to bring with me. well, i already have enough money to go mall strolling but something’s stopping me. the need to save money!!! sometimes i really hate my sister. (for the shallow reason of) she’s not washing the dishes anymore and i…

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  • daily (boring) encounters

    what’s driving me now?i’m having withrawal syndromes with not taking in caffeine. i crave, then later i get a headache because i really really want to drink some fappe but then i couldn’t. it’s very hard to lose against yourself. why? because you don’t know how to make it up to YOU. that’s why the…

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  • the bored

    Your Scholastic Strength Is Innovating You are the master of new ideas, techniques, and ways of looking at things.You are talented at structuring thoughts, decision making, clarifying, and making deadlines. You should major in: MarketingPsychologyDesiginCognitive Science EconomicsPhotography What Should You Major In? a talaga? You Are Balanced – Realist – Empowered You feel your life…

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  • oh happy day!

    you don’t have to count the number of times i’ve mentioned that i love pamayanan. i recall those times before schoolyear starts when i was spreading the news to my friends that, ‘hey, i dreamt that i’ll be in sandiwa!’ and my silly little post of ranking my most to least favorite classrooms (most-sandiwa, least-pamayanan)…

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