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the ultimate geek show

how’s that huh? it’s a very brilliant plan it drives me crazy. we could conquer the world with ingenious calculators and never worry about anything mathematically. *insert hillarious geek laugh here*

yeah, that’s practically how i’m going to live my life in this world, which is in my point of view, a giant calculator – only you can’t press buttons and get sums and products. the world right now is so low tech i wonder how big the brains of average humans are. i’m not berating you humans as i am one of you too but you see, most of you just lack the creativity to imagine ridiculously possible things. everything under the sun isn’t that hot as i thought it would be. mind you, calculators are the best invetions in the world. next is the computer but sometimes they go change rankings once in awhile because both of them imrpove dramatically. and i mean dramatically! it would make you cry how wonderful those creations are. *insert hillarious geek laugh here*

awhile ago in school that brilliant plan just sort of came into our mind. well, i have a friend with me who is just as enthusiastic as i am in conquering the world with teleporting calculators. hell yeah, and we’ll go around in our white chem labs and wear this ridiciulously thick framed geek glasses and read tons and tons of algebra books. they’re really interesting *insert hillarious geek laugh here* i think i want to write a blog with numbers. but i thought you wouldn’t be able to understand it as we do so you might as well be grateful enough that i made this blog into a quite comprehendable (did i mention i’m making my own geek-tionary?) form.

sometimes in life, out of boredom you can just create a lot of things in your mind. just like how we conceptualized our geek show and all the ratings we WOULD have. we also named our very own wannabe geeks, yeah that’s cool. it would be sort of a contest thingy but hell we’re not copying that phony geek show in your screens. hah! we’re way better, only we don’t have enough money to promote ourselves and you know, we’re kinda shy. *insert hillarious geek laugh here*

no matter how bad or good we started this thing out, i hope we get all your support in this. coming up is our very own geek tv shopping network where you can get a lot of geek stuff at a low low price of only $xxx. yeah that’s a surprise *insert hillarious geek laugh here*

here’s a place where nerds and geeks rule
come and join us now, don’t be a fool
for in this land you’ll never know
that hey! this is the ultimate geek show!

*insert hillarious geek laugh here*
*insert hillarious geek laugh here*
*insert hillarious geek laugh here*