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sorry dear parents

i was thinking of changing the ‘welcome’ to a ‘sorry’ but hell, why would i?

there there. how are my grades? geez, their fine as hell. they always remain as they are. i mean, the average and all. they’re still the same. ever since i was in first year my averages would always play around 88 or 89. yes, always close to the line of 9 i’m dreaming of yet it remains there. it sucks you know.

i would be damn happy if ever i reached (even for once) and everage of 90 on my overall and major grades. anyway, it was a shame on my part, being on a barkada mostly compromised of top 20’s. wouldn’t that make me feel like an idiot? hah. no i’m not an idiot, maybe someone else is but i’m not. i’m a self-proclaimed geek, haha! and adri’s the nerd and uhm.. hah! k.a.’s the dork! world domination! *insert snorty geek laugh here*

how could it get any better than that?

i love you miss O!! you saved my card from the humiliating line of 7. i really hate having a line of 7 in pinoy because it’s the very first subject in the line up of grades in our card. the shame mehn! ms. alberto said my pinoi grade would’ve been a line of 7 but savior ms. o did a little magic to it and poof, it became 80!

LOL, like there’s something triumphant about getting an 80! hell, no. that’s why i love the idea of magic, you can use it on everything under the sun! thank you miss O, you’re the greatest magician ever. imagine a quiz average of 58, a quarterly test of 79 and a final grade of 80? mehn that’s so cool.
and i didn’t even give her 2 chesnut horses for that!! ๐Ÿ˜€

oh, another sorry thing. my accounting grade is decreasing at a uniform rate of 4. 88,84,80… what’s next 76? no way. i wouldn’t let that happen. i seriously think it’s not yet the right time for us to learn accounting, it’s so baffling.

haaay. life is full of surprises! it’s funny how our card is called “progress report” when i’m not actually progressing.

i need a haircut. yeah, i’ll do that this summer. mom says i’ll be having braces soon! can you imagine me with that? heh. and i was thinking of buying reading glasses for myself. mehn. can you image that? spectacles, braces, short hair? oh no! GEEEEEKKK.

mehn, how can it get any cooler than that?

aww mehn, we’re going to change seating arrangements again. ๐Ÿ™
yey! i finished reading the catcher in the rye! yay and that same day i finished it i also finished reading narnia 1! yess! achievement! it was my first time to finish a whole book in one sitting!