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there’s something weird about me today. i don’t know, i feel so happy like there’re a lot of positive charges coursing through my veins. it’s inexplicable i can’t determine the source of this but i guess this is an omen that something good will happen soon. oh i wish THIS is it. meehn.

well well, i read this really funny naruto fic. LoL, i’m afraid i can’t share the details because you know, hehe, it’s not for kids. haha… another thing, i’m currently reading another naruto fic which is uhm, not for kids either. okay, when i say it’s not for kids, it doesn’t necessarily contain sex and explicit themes, it’s just that the idea might offend you that’s all. you know, yaoi. brokeback mountain? gravitation? uhm, mark feehily? sounds familiar? yeah, gay mehn.

ok it hit me now. did i just mention mark feehily? my beloved westlife tenor markus michael patrick verdon feehily? the one whom i have infatuated for so long?! who sang ‘oh mandy’ when he could’ve sang ‘oh arianne’? dem! he’s gay!!! HURRAAAAAYY!! i don’t know, i’m so insane i could easily give up my crush… for another GUY.

you shouldn’t be surprised. this is the real me.
ok, lemme share to you a very special song yet no one gets sentimental over it, or has there been one already?

if you were gay
that’d be okay!
i mean ‘cos hey!
i’d like you anyway!
because you see
if it were meeee
i would feel free to say
that i was gay
(but i’m not gay)

just that part. see now, there’s nothing wrong with it. i’m not saying i’m gay but hey, that’d be okay. 😀 i almost memorized the whole lyrics you know, including the dialogue introductions of puppet-gays-in-denial rod and nicky. they just amuse me a lot!

awhile ago we had a mass and the anual educators’ day celebration. the message didn’t reach me that we’ll be halfday today and that there’d be no classes. heh. like it matters a lot, i don’t really care. as you can see i’m still alive.

the presentations were nice.
yesterday my mom, dad and i watched ‘close to you’. hehe it’s not gut bursting funny since john lloyd himself is the only comic relief (i was actually looking forward to a funny sidekick but no) but he is, in a way, funny. i can’t concentrate on the humor majorly because i cried twice. meeehn! i cried twice on a filipino flick movie!!! heh. my mom cried too… ayun, uhm it’s nice!

next movies to (hopefully) watch…

final destination 3 – i still have to drag some of my friends to watch with me since i have just recently realized that horror movies bring friends closer together. diba?
fun with dick and jane – don’t you just love jim carrey? (ano ba spelling non?)
brokeback mountain – tara michi!