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there is someone walking behind you

this morning i went to school to help finish the GALS banner. thank God we’re done, yay! i got my school shirt which is size M but it turns out that it magically shrank 2 sizes smaller. dem, i should have chosen XL if i knew that school shirts are supposed to be that small. grrr.

after that karla, kim, nez, larz and i went to SMF to watch final destination 3. it was a very gruesome movie (as always) that will surely leave you paranoid, looking for signs that would mean your death. and the song, ‘there is someone walking behind you, turn around… there is someone watching your footsteps…’ is very freeeaaakkkyyy….

something funny (or at least) happened after that. we went to toy kingdom to meet nez’s mom and there we saw this toy board where i wrote the first line of the song, then my friends started to add something else. when i turned around, guess what i saw?

there was a miniture roller coaster (eh mukhang roller coaster eh, paranoid na cguro ako) display there. hehe, freaky.

and theeeeeennnn, we’re all fussing about the flight 180 plane crash (FD 1) while bearing the usual regalado traffic, we started seeing plate numbers…. parang, “ayun oh 190, minus 10..” “ayun pa 183, minus 3..” then i spoke, “pag ako talaga nakakita ng 180 ah… naku.”

guess what? duh.
i can still remember the plate number, ZAA 180.

maybe it’s your car, we’ll find out.