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are you watching my name is kim sam soon?
hehe, you should. i’m obsessed on it right now, it’s my only stress relief!! the food, the guys and sam soon’s character as well.

it is rare for me to like a leading lady that much you know. first i must consider the attitude, i hate sassy leading ladies who like to take control over the guy too much, it’s irritating! and what’s irritating me more is the high pitched filipino dubber and the OVERLY konyo translations they make like there’s no more filipino words left in the dictionary. eherm. sometimes i just want to punch the tv and kill the series (how ever that’s possible). no wonder why filipino dubbers (or dubbers in general) do not get popular.

back to sam soon. well, pretty much i’m so hooked to the show. i love the food too much i wish we had a pattisieur in the family. i just love desserts. why don’t you? life is a box of chocolates anyway.

i like sam soon! the lead guy cyrus is good-looking too (in most angles, but he’s cutest when he smiles, heh! dimples!) but i just can’t help but feel hurt whenever he says bad things to sam soon. he’s so rude, not my ideal man.

graduation is near. but before that we still have to go through the 4th quarterly tests. i’m actually excited to get over the tests because right after that we’ll be staying in westin hotel for three days to escort my mom in the her awards night. well whatever, i just want to feel the aircon, the pool, the sauna, the beach and most especially…… THE CABLED TV!!!!!

i’m currently reading: the pilgrimage – paulo coehlo.