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what’s driving me now?
i’m having withrawal syndromes with not taking in caffeine. i crave, then later i get a headache because i really really want to drink some fappe but then i couldn’t. it’s very hard to lose against yourself. why? because you don’t know how to make it up to YOU. that’s why the best bets are bets you deal with yourself, you vs. you. that way you will be more disciplined. try it, it works.

i’ve been struggling a week of no procastination, it sure’s keeping my grades in a stable manner. i can see the progress, it’s a shame that i only realized that method now, 4th yr-4th quarter.

new seating arrangements. it was okay, i don’t really care who sits on my left or right, as long as i’m on the side with my left-armed chair. i can live with that.

i’m reading a lot of books and i love it! 😀