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take me somewhere else but here

i want to go out somewhere, i just don’t know where and who to bring with me. well, i already have enough money to go mall strolling but something’s stopping me. the need to save money!!!

sometimes i really hate my sister. (for the shallow reason of) she’s not washing the dishes anymore and i hate it when she uses her worn-out reasons that she still has to pack her things up and study. grr, i’m stuck again with the disgusting left overs. i wish i had a witch blood in me so that i can just levitate things here and there and make the sponge and dishwashing liquid to do its work.

i’m being maarte. oo na, eh nakakatamad naman talaga maghugas ng pinggan eh, ang lamig ng tubig, and lakas ng hangin, kulang nalang makatulog na ko.

that’s why i hate eating lunch at home on sundays, it means someone has to wash the dishes and the choices will always be me or my dad. that’s why there’s SM in front of our church, so that we can eat steamy teriyaki rice bowls in yoshinoya and never worry about washing them afterwards. then we don’t have enough bugdet. blech!!

i’m enjoying the whole ‘being productive’ thing by not procastinating. i swear, i felt really good after finishing my homeworks to see that’s it only 9pm. wahaha, achievement! then i’ll just get lost in my books.

by the way, i’ve finished reading my 12th book of the school year: narnia 3 – the horse and his boy.
the story is really for the geeky kiddos out there, the only things i like about it are the talking beasts of narnia, the big fonts and the big spacing. The last two are a must in every book. i get sleepy at the sight of compressed words. anyway, i finished it and i’m quite happy.

here are the last three books i’m going to read:
by the river piedra i sat down and wept – paulo coehlo (currently reading)
the catcher in the rye – jd salinger
narnia 1 – the magician’s nephew – cs lewis (subject to change)