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oh happy day!

you don’t have to count the number of times i’ve mentioned that i love pamayanan.

i recall those times before schoolyear starts when i was spreading the news to my friends that, ‘hey, i dreamt that i’ll be in sandiwa!’ and my silly little post of ranking my most to least favorite classrooms (most-sandiwa, least-pamayanan) basing on the convinience of the spot.

but where am i now?
God put me to shame the time i realized that my name wasn’t listed in any of my toplisted classrooms. i thought i already knew what was going to happen, that i’ll be in sandiwa, near the cr and the locker, because i dreamt of it. i thought i could decide my unknown future already. but no, he put me into the least of my dreamt-of future and sad as it was to admit that i am a fraud foreteller, i have to accept the fact. but then, it was all well worth it to be part of pamayanan.

our classroom is the worstly positioned classroom of all, did you know that?
we have neighbors who beg us silence just to enjoy the sound of reciepts printing on their old fashioned epson printers and…
we have to hold on tight for the next 50 meters just to reach the comfort room and spill out what’s needed to be spilled.

nevertheless, i have no regrets.
i’m not complaining. 🙂

hm. although there happened to be a mishap during one battle scene, i know she’ll be fine. and she is, actually.

yay! our commercial won! yay!
congratulations to all those who won in the english week!

good news, good news! i already finished ‘the sisterhood of the travelling pants’
it’s now time for ‘the valkyries – paulo coehlo’!!

i have a semi-bad news though, shane is slowly exiting my brain.
but i won’t give up, i’ll still make a ‘shane is my homegirl’ shirt!!

mass tomorrow!