A very personal blog

oh hatred, what joy!

currently listening to: footloose – kenny loggins

i’ve been working so hard
keep punchin’ my card
8 hours, for what?

first the strain, and now the muscle pain
the only inspiration i’m enjoying now is shane
life has been terribly annoyed at me
now, there’s nothing left good enough to see

i promised myself no starbucks till graduation
i think that’d help a bit in my condition
but seeing that i have no discipline
i don’t think i can fast a week without a frappe with whipped cream

heh. whatever.
i’m 69% in accouting.
senior life can be so damn demanding
i don’t care if it’s not rhyming!!!!!!!

we have to stand up against karakuch!
ano, tusukin ko kaya sila ng kinakalawang na brooch?

ayoko na wala na ko maisip. =P

alam mo, nakakainis ka! sipain kita eh!