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DIY ok?

one of things i learned about life is that it teaches you to become more and more tolerable to pain. life taught me not to cry for a long time because the more i cry the more i can’t concentrate on the solution. crying is a way of bringing out your emotions but it is also hindering you from finding the solution.

i hate people who are so dependent to others. people who can’t stand alone by herself, even with the smallest things like going to the bathroom or eating in the canteen.

i hate people who cry over little things. when you feel bad, do something that will make you feel better even if it means doing it on your own. just don’t lurk and cry in the corner. it’s irritating, it’s guilt tripping. ~_-

i’m not saying i rarely cry, i do cry but the challenge is how to get over it quick. no one wants to live in misery forever.

oh sucky day. i was watching ‘100 days with mr. arrogant’ and suddenly the laptop gave up. i was freakin in the middle of the movie! good Lord, help me. we don’t have any DVD player around except for our beloved duct-taped laptop. =(

i hope mara gets to borrow ‘the L word’ from her sister’s friend. i really WANT to watch it. i mean, i really want to watch SHANE. =D