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yeah shane

i’m so into shane mccrutcheon right now.

we just had our last recollection yesterday. it was really fun, it’s not mushy (just like how i want it to be) and both of my parents came. it made me feel extra blessed! i love them.
i love my classmates. i’m going to miss pamayanan. as i’ve told you before, we all get along well AND the people i hate are distributed within the other sections! hehe.

you know what, i printed a bond paper sized picture of shane. i wrote down a silly lesbian poem for her which includes my confusion and her being so androgynously HOT. i treasured that piece of paper, i stuck it in my pocket everytime and i look on it as often as i could because i want to relive the feeling of getting my giddy hormones worked up. you know what i mean, it’s been a long time since i last felt infatuation and it really is a BIG MEGA HUGE COLOSSAL DISTRACTION. last time i was infatuated with tony sun, and prior to that… uh.. blue (quite lucky to be the only non-celebrity in the group). before going to sleep i gently put masking tape on my extra-crumpled and heavily-creased sheet of inspiration and stuck it on the wall beside me, for a hopefully shane-filled dream (i said shane, not katherine) but God refused to! probably trying to tell me that “hey, i have set a GUY for you in the future. don’t get your hopes up on that lesbo” … hehe. God would be so cool if he talked like a hippie.

i brought shane’s picture with me during the morning prayer and accidentally left it. i went to check it back in the chapel but it’s not there anymore. i panicked. the poem i wrote stupidly has my name on it and whatever message the reader gets in it will probably be between the lines of “what a rude girl! bringing this stuff on a recollection? and.. what is this? she’s infatuating over a lesbian character in a lesbian tv series?”

you know what? whatever.

my heart leaped a thousand steps to hell when bro. bernard told me that he saw it, read it, and left it on the windowsill (but it got lost again). he even helped me find it! i was confused, maybe he didn’t get the fishy stuff in it and maybe he doesn’t know i’m arianne. i’m glad.

i’m tired of singing. i want to rest!

hey hey hey! i passed the USTET! com-pre-com.
now i could oppose to one of paulo coelho’s quotes in ‘the alchemist’, if the same thing happened twice already, it is bound to repeat for the third time.

i have to print another picture. 😀