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le odio

you should know that.
you’re getting a little too authorative now, y lo odio. i’m not bragging about it, you’re changed now. whatever, just do it your way. oh, and don’t do guilt trips on us, it will only work for those who can’t work without you.

you’re annoying.
maybe it looked obvious that i’m upset. you need not care, i have a bond-paper sized picture of shane mccrutcheon in my pocket if ever i need a mood stabilizer. again, don’t mind me. as much as i don’t care about you. and you don’t need to credit my underdone talent like that as a consolation for being intimated. i hate it. anyway, thanks for being concerned.

and you, thank you. you’ve been a good friend. i know you know how i feel about you. but i’m not angry or anything. i actually admire you for that. love you. all for shane? oh, it hit me now. you don’t have to like shane the way that i do if you want me to feel good about you. i don’t hate you as much as i hate someone else.

okay. you are so wrong with spilling that thing to the class. who told you that anyway? i can falsify that right now.

you three. i know you know how i feel when you walk in threes and leave me behind. thank you for not playing dumb with me. i swear, i’ll never butt myself in again. friends forever, okay?

-cantante duro que intenta