A very personal blog

we had our last prosec fieldtrip awhile ago. i wasn’t excited about anything but starbucks. i am not enthused with the calorie-burning activites we had, in fact i was tortured in fitness first. i am bearing all the pain in my knee as we do the body balancing exercises. well at least i wasn’t in the cosmic cycling group because i swear, i could die.

i promised myself: no junk foods. and i was able to handle a field trip without it, it was my first to go on a field trip without junk foods. i just brought great tasting country style oatmeal raisin cookies to satisfy the need of my stomach. 😀

glorietta was, okay. i’m out of words, not that it’s too special but it’s just a mall. whatever. at least i was able to satiate myself with coffee.

D – drugs
R – reduce
I – insanity
V – very
E – effectively

i don’t know about people. they love bookstores too much. i love books, it’s just that i can’t afford them all. i’d rather stroll alone in the mall than spend my whole day longing for books i couldn’t pay for. i just go there to check what’s new and what’s cheap. =)

i think i’m crazy, and the world is my mental hospital.