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traduccion terrible

ugh. what a terrible translation. i was having fun with the google language toolbar awhile ago…

in case you’re wondering where i got my pretty fluent (yet wrongly translated) spanish, it came from, yeah, the google language toolbar.

i was rejoicing about pacman’s win against morales!

this language toolbar turned me off when i suddenly tried to convert the translated spanish text back to english. mehn, it’s damn horrible… there are hell lot of mistakes. =_=

you know, i was thinking if i could just translate some of my evil posts (like when i hate someone) so that it’d be extra obscured, anyway you won’t get the exact english translation of it with a lousy translator like that, and i don’t even think it’ll work well with other translators.

well, i’m enjoying reading latin texts… spanish and italian specifically because it sounded right and i (instinctively) know how to pronounce them right. maybe because it’s in our blood. right, and i hate reading french and german. it’s killing my tongue.
the only german i know how to read is Hagen Dahz (not even sure if it’s german)

i’m craving for starbucks again. i need money… =_=;