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Month: February 2006

  • moment of truth

    i didn’t make it to UP. i went there awhile ago with my dad along with lienne and bea.ok, first of all i felt blank and neutral. definitely i felt sad, but it lasted only for about a minute then i regained my composure and went on living. i’m warning you. i do not need…

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  • good luck

    today is the GALS competition, at first i wanted to go but on second thought it’d be very tiring so i just preferred to stay here and wait for good news. i feel so guilty right now, we didn’t go to church because of my parents’ client affair, why do they have to set it…

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  • i have more to share

    are you watching my name is kim sam soon?hehe, you should. i’m obsessed on it right now, it’s my only stress relief!! the food, the guys and sam soon’s character as well. it is rare for me to like a leading lady that much you know. first i must consider the attitude, i hate sassy…

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  • there is someone walking behind you

    this morning i went to school to help finish the GALS banner. thank God we’re done, yay! i got my school shirt which is size M but it turns out that it magically shrank 2 sizes smaller. dem, i should have chosen XL if i knew that school shirts are supposed to be that small.…

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  • whoopdeedoo

    there’s something weird about me today. i don’t know, i feel so happy like there’re a lot of positive charges coursing through my veins. it’s inexplicable i can’t determine the source of this but i guess this is an omen that something good will happen soon. oh i wish THIS is it. meehn. well well,…

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  • sorry dear parents

    i was thinking of changing the ‘welcome’ to a ‘sorry’ but hell, why would i? there there. how are my grades? geez, their fine as hell. they always remain as they are. i mean, the average and all. they’re still the same. ever since i was in first year my averages would always play around…

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