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  • 2023 recap: films, series, and books

    It’s that time of the year! In total I watched 13 films, 17 series, and read just 4 books. I’m particularly disappointed with my book count. I was heavily distracted with taking care of Koomi that I lost time to read. Yeah, I blame Koomi haha. My favorite movie of 2023 would be Oppenheimer, hands… Continue reading

  • Success!!!

    Oh my goodness I can finally say I’ve COMPLETELY migrated my domain from the overly outdated platform that is Blogger/Blogspot whatever, to WordPress! Somebody give me a pat on the back, I freaking toiled over this for weeeeks! Now if I die and nobody renews my domain and hosting, my online diary is gone forever.… Continue reading

  • Major move

    I finally decided to move The Blahger from Blogspot to WordPress. Note to self: Start fixing at 2019 This was so messy and I must admit I kinda did it on a whim. I was actually encouraged by one of my latest youtube comments saying she found my vlog through one of my blog post… Continue reading

  • Life Lately

    Life Lately

    I’ve changed the layout again. I realized I didn’t need a sidebar because I couldn’t care less what I’m currently reading, and the recent posts is kindof redundant if you’re coming from the homepage. And it’s not like people would want to know what I’ve posted recently if they came from a specific landing page.… Continue reading

  • Annoying horizonal scrollbar

    Been trying to fix the comment section on my blog after discovering that it’s causing a wide white space causing a horizontal scrollbar to show. Disabling the comment section removes the white space (that’s how I discovered it) but I need my comments section so I’m still trying to figure it out. I tried replacing… Continue reading

  • Seriously


    I just wrote about this a few hours ago and now I have one! Guess my birthday’s not over, I keep gifting myself unnecessary stuff lol. Hopefully I’ll come to like this! Excited to unbox this one! Continue reading