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  • Today: #ProjectKorra, swimming, and feeling lost at work

    It’s the third day of the week and as usual, nothing productive going on at work. I was gonna fix the transition item I’m gonna turn over to Jay this week, but I got really lazy like I have zero motivation to work. My skills are gonna rust big time this way and if they… Continue reading

  • Reorg

    Company went into another reorg which basically cut my load in half but also put me in a weird place in terms of reporting structure because I’m gonna be more alone now. It used to be Jay and I in automation. We were both hired under Software Support Team. But we don’t do support work… Continue reading

  • Diet Day 3

    Yesterday was hard for me because I got so tired from rehab and wasn’t able to eat for a while because I had to wait for Jeckie to fetch me and had to get Koomi on the way home from daycare. But as soon as we’re home I snacked up. We made sure to stock… Continue reading

  • 2023 food round-up

    I don’t really know how to make a food round-up so I guess I’ll just wing it! Binabalik-balikan (foods I craved a lot for in 2023) New favorites Walang kupas Pag may budget Pag may budget at okasyon Special Mention Best House Blend Ice Tea Continue reading

  • Diet day 1

    I’m 5’2″, weighing my heaviest ever at 161lbs (73kgs) and I badly want to regain my fitness. Today is day 1 of my supposed Biggest Loser challenge with my husband. I started the day with an ACV capsule, then for breakfast I had coffee, granola and milk. I’m at the office right now and for… Continue reading

  • 2023 recap: highlights and stuff

    The good, the bad, and the ugly in no particular order: ✱ I got injured playing badminton ✱ I saved a total of Php4,500 worth of 50s! Pamasko rin yan! ✱ I got an award at work for passing the software support new hire onboarding exams, which apparently only 2 people passed. I always thought… Continue reading