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  • Hey Monday

    Hey Monday

    Oh I get nervous a lot for various reasons. But there’s one thing that always gets me nervous and that’s answering calls from grab food lol. I never want to take calls from them because I’m afraid they’ll tell me they can’t meet in the lobby or that they’ve been waiting for too long. Most…

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  • Happy Friday

    It’s been a crazy week but glad it’s coming to a close. ✱ My IF pattern isn’t working for me. And I guess I know the reason why. I’m not entering a calorie deficit despite eating only during the 8-hour window because I EAT A LOT. Of course. Goddammit. So I figured, it doesn’t matter…

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  • Worse

    So I started the other post saying my husband and my dog is sick. Next thing I know I’m driving them both to the hospital after excusing myself from work. Koomi has some sort of infection. After a CBC and X-ray he was prescribed an antibiotic, antacid, and something to protect his stomach. He was…

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  • Oh I’ve been busy

    Jeckie is sick, Koomi just vomited three times and I’ve just finished stowing away our groceries and marinating pork for dinner later. I have yet to take a bath and do an alcohol sponge bath for my husband to help cool down his fever. I fed Koomi banana and bread, not banana bread hehe, to…

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  • Heya

    // Happy for our condo community. They’ve been fighting to get residents elected on the board because our PMO is incompetent and DMCI reps can’t be trusted. Condo’s been operating on a ~50M deficit without a solid recovery plan besides increasing the association dues and collecting special fees. I really have no contribution to this…

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  • Changing themes

    I give up. My site just randomly changes its default colors and I don’t understand why. I’m using the Stewart theme which originally has maroon as the primary color. I was able to change that but just recently it’s been crazy. I’m changing themes and hoping for the best.

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