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  • Oof

    I don’t know if a lozenge counts as a candy but my favorite one is Fisherman’s Friend Original. Something’s wrong with my automation. There’s a missing step we forgot to put in the stored procedure that made the automation incomplete. And it’s already in production for what, two months now? T_T Oh my gosh. I… Continue reading

  • Today


    It’s already Feb! Can’t wait til March to be honest. It’s when I get to have my compensation discussion with my manager. See how much salary increase I’ll be getting (if any), how much of my target bonus I reached (if any), and how much extra bonus I’ll be getting (if any). Lol. Hopefully it’s… Continue reading

  • [Review] Amazfit GTS 4 Mini Smart watch

    Here’s a review of the Amazfit GTS 4 Mini smartwatch which I recently got myself! By the way, a video version is uploaded on YouTube… and this blog is basically a transcript of it 😉. Enjoy! Price and availability First things first – the price and where I bought it. I’m based in the Philippines… Continue reading

  • Friday’s Happy Things

    Friday’s Happy Things

    Know that this is very hard to do for me to do right now because I’ve been feeling largely uncertain about my job position. But let’s try… ✱ I got my Bodum tumbler back! When I went back for it I didn’t bother checking at Watsons because I was so sure I left it at… Continue reading

  • Today: you lose some, you gain some

    Today I lost my favorite tumbler huhu. My off-white Bodum travel press that’s been with me for almost 3 years now! I’m sure I left it somewhere in Shang when I went to rehab earlier. I already called lost and found and Rustan’s department store but they couldn’t find it or no one has surrendered… Continue reading

  • Embracing Body Positivity with Popilush Shapewear

    In the world where we live, it is often surrounded by the standards or we should say beauty standards by our society. The journey of a person from loving his/her body and creating a positive impact on the society are low to none as these standards have rooted into our minds so much that it… Continue reading