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Month: February 2024

  • Money diaries: A day in February

    I believe my expenses are a big reflection of who I am. So let’s go back to writing Money Diaries - a series wherein I document how much I spend every day in an attempt to describe how my days went. The last time I did this was seven years ago. And back then I was…

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  • When will it end

    I’m so broke right now but I just purchased a 3-day juice set to hopefully lose some weight this week. I’m trying to resolve cutting rice but now that I’m hungry all I can think about is eating big heavy rice meals. As soon as I pay off my 60k worth vacuum I’ll have more…

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  • Oof

    I don’t know if a lozenge counts as a candy but my favorite one is Fisherman’s Friend Original. Something’s wrong with my automation. There’s a missing step we forgot to put in the stored procedure that made the automation incomplete. And it’s already in production for what, two months now? T_T Oh my gosh. I…

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  • Today


    It’s already Feb! Can’t wait til March to be honest. It’s when I get to have my compensation discussion with my manager. See how much salary increase I’ll be getting (if any), how much of my target bonus I reached (if any), and how much extra bonus I’ll be getting (if any). Lol. Hopefully it’s…

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