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Daily writing prompt
What’s your favorite candy?

I don’t know if a lozenge counts as a candy but my favorite one is Fisherman’s Friend Original.

Something’s wrong with my automation. There’s a missing step we forgot to put in the stored procedure that made the automation incomplete. And it’s already in production for what, two months now? T_T Oh my gosh.

I personally didn’t know there was another aspect to the automation until an issue was raised that users aren’t getting survey access after running the automation.

Hopped on the call with my SMEs and apparently they thought we were automating the UI so roles and surveys should be automatically given after hitting Save. We were executing this through the backend so I definitely needed to know what goes on after hitting Save aside from granting access. During testing we were able to catch the roles not being set so I’m not sure why we forgot about the surveys part.

I feel very accountable because on one hand I should’ve asked more? But seriously, it never occured to me. I should’ve asked for help on the test cases though just to make sure I’m not missing anything but I didn’t do anything. I made the test cases, ran it, my SME ran it. It passed.

Oh gosh I’ll probably get reprimanded for this. Like how could this have gotten to prod incomplete?

I’m scared.

I’ve done what needs to be done to resolve the issue. Which is really just raising tickets to get the stored procedure updated. But I probably still need some explaining to do. I feel really sorry because I wasn’t able to get the whole scope.

Wish me luck.

( ̄m ̄)