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Month: February 2024

  • Meetings

    I have four meetings tonight… I’m scared for meeting #1 because even though I asked for this meeting, I’m not sure how I can help and if I can handle their requests at all. I was just being proactive looking for more work lol. On top of that I’m suddenly busy with my other project…

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  • Today

    It’s RTO day today. Currently in the office wasting time. I feel hungry but I don’t know what to eat. I hate that they removed the concessionare in our pantry. Didn’t really wanna go out to get snacks. But I’ve been craving Filipino food a lot lately. so I’ll probably eat rice again. Just got…

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  • How to survive on just one income

    I told my husband last night that if I get fired he’ll be shouldering all our household liabilities in the meantime so we tried to compute how that’s gonna work and realized we’re not gonna be able to live as comfortably on his salary alone. This is a reminder for us to adjust our standard…

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  • Black coffee

    Black coffee

    I drink black coffee every single day so that must be it. And speaking of black coffee I prefer home brewed one. Either pour over or drip, as long as it’s not too strong. Store bought brewed coffee is usually too strong for my liking, unless they’re from convenience stores like 7Eleven or Family Mart,…

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  • Cannot post emojis on WordPress for some reason

    I just want to put it out there. And the only major thing I did was update to WordPress 6.4.3 but I’m not totally sure it’s related. Whenever there’s an emoji in the title or post, I’d get this error when saving: Updating failed. Could not update post in the database. Any clues on how…

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  • The week that was

    Nothing much happened the whole week. I came to my physio session and made good progress with my range of motion. We’ve come so far, but it’s still not enough. I also went to the gym once, and finished a whole workout video. My abs hurt the next day and it feels good. I also…

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