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When will it end

I’m so broke right now but I just purchased a 3-day juice set to hopefully lose some weight this week. I’m trying to resolve cutting rice but now that I’m hungry all I can think about is eating big heavy rice meals.

As soon as I pay off my 60k worth vacuum I’ll have more clarity about my expenses. But you know it just keeps piling on! It’s already March which means it’s Jeckie’s birthday, and also my mom’s so there goes gastos!

I really really want to get my weight down but I’m just so fucking hungry all the time. It’s like dieting doesn’t work. Even if I don’t eat rice I know I won’t be able to resist bread, or pasta. Carbs in general. This sucks.

I’m trying to go back to regularly working out though. Planning to get a small floor bike to exercise my knees better. But you know, gastos lol.