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Month: July 2010

  • a fine frenzy

    it reminds me of 500 days of summer! ok. i haven’t started doing my homeworkS, but i’ll get there soon. just let me list the 3 things i’m saving my salary for: 1. digicam2. TV for my room3. dvd player that’s all, thank you. 25k max. donate? SHOR >:) when the hell am i going…

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  • hmmm

    i never actually thought i was helping enough, but thank you for appreciating my efforts. >:) the hardest thing i did was type, so it doesn’t really feel like i did a lot already. yeah, i made a proposal letter, created an ending for one play, wrote stuff but those only took me less than…

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  • and then it happened

    i’m learning to hate you because of your ways. and i can’t do anything but observe and cringe, read and roll my eyes, and wonder and curl in disgust. i’m too old for this. i definitely am, but somehow i want to tolerate my childishness in this aspect of my life, cos seriously, i never…

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  • cheap

    sakay agad?! can’t you have any more class than that? and to think i fell in love with someone like you makes it even more unbearable. i don’t like the weather. bad memories creeping in. last time i lit a cigarette was not even a year back, and now the fucking rain and cold make me…

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  • ,

    shirt designs

    credits to: Brusheezy (brushes) | Dafont (fonts) | Kevin Monge (tamaraw shape) tshirt proposals for FCLC >:)

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  • cafe firenzo

    here for the wifi, not for the coffee. nothing beats BLENZ still. they serve the best frappes, the fastest wifi connection and offer the most comfortable seats (each with an electric outlet). it’s just too unfortunate that the nearest to my place is at SM megamall. and because i have to embark on a brushes/fonts…

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