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    I need a break

    This has been the most stressful day of my career here at the firm. I accidentally truncated a table that removed everyone’s leave records. Easily trumps the infinite loop issue I had back then by a big notch. This has been my biggest ~work~ mistake and I’m so embarrassed by it huhu. We were able to…

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    Week in review

    Monday There are days when I feel so excited to go to work and do my job but when my boss isn’t around I just tend to be more uhmmm lenient lol sssshhhh. It’s true that when the cat’s away the mouse will play. Not saying my boss is strict though, more like his presence…

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  • A Year in Design

    Here’s a recap of most of my design projects in 2018! Logos, invites, merch, and for the first time — videos and branding. I’m learning goys yeheyy! Logos Smart Farms PH This is one of those projects where I regret not learning Adobe Illustrator earlier. I should make it a point to learn AI this…

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    [Review] DesignEvo: Is this the Canva of logo making?

    I was very excited when I found out about DesignEvo. The interface reminded me very much of Canva, a graphic design web application that allows users to create layouts and graphics using a drag-and-drop interface. With access to millions of photos, layouts, fonts, and graphic elements – it’s my one-stop shop for quick design solutions.…

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    Unpopular Opinion: Graphic design pricing edition

    Oh my gosh I’m so fed up with all these artists saying you should price your shit higher because don’t you have bills to pay? have some self worth naman you don’t deserve that you’re dragging the industry down they’ll think all Pinoy artists are cheap blah blah blah … especially to young people who…

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  • Lettering in the Wild

    So I was bored at work and I was browsing through random photography classes in Skillshare when I chanced upon this short tutorial by Jamie Bartlet about incorporating your lettering into a photograph via masking. The result should be like this, where the letters are kindof blending into the scene and not simply stuck there like…

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