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  • Week in review

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    Monday There are days when I feel so excited to go to work and do my job but when my boss isn’t around I just tend to be more uhmmm lenient lol sssshhhh. It’s true that when the cat’s away the mouse will play. Not saying my boss is strict though, more like his presence…

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  • Friday’s 10 Happy Things // 6

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    1. Mornings like this Remind me how blessed I am. I have so much to thank God for but I’m guilty of failing to revere him every time I see his work in nature. I take this view for granted a lot. It’s not always that you get an unobstructed view of the sunrise. Hope…

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  • The Layout Currently

    Sharing this for backup purposes! 🙂 Mockup from magicmockups.com Listing out the features so I know which template to refer to in case I wanted to extract a certain feature:✔  Top horizontal navigation bar ✔  Custom status message box (ie. “Category: label” instead of Blogger’s original “Showing posts with the label x. Show all”) ✔ …

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  • Layout change!


    I’ve wanted to update my layout for sooooo long but I just don’t have the time recently (excuses). It’s impossible for me to get a new theme because this one I have right now has been customized too much, way too much it’s hard to bring all those changes to a new template. Argh. Here’s…

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  • Life lately and yet another layout change

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    Welcome to (yet another) layout change! Full width and left sidebar. I’m trying to get used to it, but I like it. What do you think? Should I stop with the frequent updates? I know I should lol. If I were to backup all my previous templates, I would’ve collected enough to offer them ala…

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  • Yet another layout change

    Jenen! I’m not taking credit for the design cos it was taken entirely from this theme and applied to the original backbone of this layout which is this theme. I already finished layouting my test blog but found that there are some features that I may lose out if I overwrite the existing theme with…

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