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Yet another layout change

Jenen! I’m not taking credit for the design cos it was taken entirely from this theme and applied to the original backbone of this layout which is this theme. I already finished layouting my test blog but found that there are some features that I may lose out if I overwrite the existing theme with a new one, so I decided to just incorporate the features I want from the other theme. It’s not a lot anyway, just the background and the single column post container which I dissed eventually.

I changed my mind, I’m not really decluttering, I’m just trying to make my widgets appear neat and organized. I hope it shows lol.

On my previous theme I was fascinated by the idea of a video header. But it’s quite a task finding a free video host that wouldn’t take down my file without notice, and I wouldn’t invest money on a measly 15second webm file either, so I just shrugged it off, more like I got tired of looking at it lol.

Then I was browsing at blogger theme galleries for inspiration and found Padhang Theme, I was caught by the beautiful background and thought ohkaaaaay let’s do that. It’s a CSS miracle to be able to fix and scale a background image proportionately to a browser window (or maybe I’m just old). Digging through the codes I learned it was actually a jquery plugin called Backstretch that’s responsible for the perfect background haha. I’ll leave it at that but know that I’m very happy I found out about it.

Just like how I was so glad learning about Font Awesome. <3

Happy Friday you guys!