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A Year in Design

Here’s a recap of most of my design projects in 2018! Logos, invites, merch, and for the first time — videos and branding. I’m learning goys yeheyy!


Smart Farms PH

This is one of those projects where I regret not learning Adobe Illustrator earlier. I should make it a point to learn AI this year haha. This would be easier in AI, but I’m more comfortable in Photoshop. Don’t be like me.

This is so cute, I enjoyed this one! I didn’t know how to create videos but the client gave a Youtube tutorial so I said I’d try. Here’s the output! 

Wedding Invites

Rickett & Rose Anne

James & Monique

Other Invites

Bianca Nicole’s Magical Birthday Party

Edison’s The Little Prince Printable Party Kit

The Pinspiration is real on this one.


Quest Adventure Camp

Trifold Brochure

Business Card

Visual Brand Guide

I considered myself to be in a design rut when 2018 started. I wasn’t doing much, not learning anything new. Until one of my friends asked me to create a business card for her company. I said sure. Then it got followed by a lanyard design, a brochure, a tarp, pens, notebooks, etc. And I’m like ohkaaay this seems like a corporate design thing, if I’m doing more of this I needed a brand guide. They didn’t have one, so I made one. Scratch that, I learned to make one.

It’s actually kindof weird for me to create one because it should be part of the logo design package (whoever made theirs), but nonetheless I had to make something for them otherwise the brand would be a visual disaster.


I only got interested in designing shirts when my Merch by Amazon account got approved. But it’s been a year and I’ve never made a sale on the platform. It’s a freakin saturated marketplace and I’m finding it troublesome to learn the ins and outs (for now).

FIFA World Cup

It was too late when I started making themed shirts. I was only able to finish Mexico, Brazil, Spain, and France lol. Check out the rest of them here.

Cat Holic

Never sold any of these but I had fun drawing them! More here 🙂