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Month: July 2010

  • ay?

    feeling mo yata masyado na kong maraming naitutulong sayo. pwede na bang sagot yung, wala yon? kaya wag kang mahiya. kasi mahihiya rin akong tumulong. chaka sana malaman mong hindi lang ikaw ang tinutulungan ko. ano ba yan, letters lang e. yun lang! yun lang! err, chaka oras ko na rin. pero duh anobanamanyan? mahirap…

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  • waiting for the coffee to kick in >:)

    finally, uhm, i’m busy! cos if i’m not i wouldn’t be seeking the help of my favorite compound, 1,3,7-trimethylxanthine. lol that’s the only thing i picked up from taking organic chemistry thrice, and quite the only thing that got stuck in my mind. oyehh. C8H10N4O2. how do you draw that again? >_< by the way,…

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  • tagged

    here’s my current reading list 1) Master of the Game – Sydney Sheldon 2) Mistress of the Game if 1) is interesting 3) The Book Thief (i just bought it awhile ago! thanks for the recommendation plaridel! >:D) and 4) Flipped (within a few weeks i’ll get it hehehe thanks again plaridel for the rec!)…

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  • i need friends who have the same level of freedom my parents give me

    that’s what i’ve realized this day. seems like even though i want to hang out with my favorite people, they’re not always free. and even though i’m racking my mind for people i can dial up in the most uncompromising times, i always end up being hesitant. they might be sleeping already, they might be…

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  • i make my own issues

    i’m close to proclaiming facebook as the spawn of the devil. or part of the illuminati or some new world order cult. i mean, lady gaga is one, so facebook is most probably its minion, including google. and they’re taking over the world. what if, everything that’s going mainstream is involved in this whole NWO…

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  • feel good music >:)

    slept at 8, woke up unwillingly at 2. now i can’t get my sleep back. which is why i opted to have an early breakfast, bread and coffee. then i realized something funky on the bread, which is molds, so now i only have coffee, uhm, and internet.  btw, you don’t know how much courage…

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